Saturday, April 3, 2010

Creating a Special Evening (with Tin)

It was this boy's birthday.......

And since he is my husband and I love him to death, I wanted to throw a party for him....
And drink delicious cocktails...

And eat delicious food....

And hang out with amazing friends....
But I wanted to make special place settings for everyone, something as a little gift people could take home, and I have been loving working with tin so much I wanted to use that material. So I came up with these little pieces....

I don't think anyone noticed, but all the boys got crowns and the girls got birds. (Except for me since I came up with the idea after I had already made mine.) The letters are just these alphabet stickers I bought at Paperzone placed on card stock and cut out with fancy shears.
And then everyone forget them when they left, but I will get them to them somehow!

Thinking of selling these on Etsy, what do you think?

Aperol Spritzer

2 parts sparkling wine, Prosecco preferred
1 part seltzer
1 part Aperol*

You can serve over ice or in champagne flutes. Garnish with citrus twists.

*Aperol is an apertif similar to Campari, but half the alcohol (only 11%) and no diesel fuel taste and with a nice bitter orange finish. It's like looking at Cinderella standing next to her ugly step sister. (Campari being the mean, ugly step sister.)


  1. Ya know, I thought the same when I got home from ArtFest about forgetting to touch base. I also have not experienced all that it is described but I sense the love and camaraderie around us. I still feel like a newbie when I arrive which I quickly bypass to soak in the visual inspiration that surrounds. I also love, love, love my classes. Each time. I'm attending Squam in the Fall with the hopes of connection amongst artistically inclined souls. It will be my first time there.

    On another the spritzer recipe. Prosecco is chilling now for my consumption tomorrow. Loved the apertif suggestion and for infusing memories of Italy into my dull, gray evening at home cleaning. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Cheers to you and your family!

    I'd love to connect another time. I'm still unwinding from an overly booked couple of months. How 'bout you?

  2. I remember that boy's 1st breath in Sheffield England.He was ready to drink day one! (sugar water)We love him and can hardly wait to see him!
    His mom...