Friday, April 9, 2010

A Dog Out of Wire

I was given a special commission while I am vacationing here in Arizona. My mother-in-law has a special princess in her life, Bette. As in Bette D., Bette Davis.

She is awfully cute.

My mission: to create a portrait out of wire of Bette so that Cyn can cover it with all of her own beads and buttons and antique items she has collected over the years.
It took a few hours since I had never attempted a dog shape before. I also wanted it to look like Bette too, so I spent a lot of time chasing Bette around the house to draw her and photograph her. Then Cyn let me post it up on Etsy and she bought it online. Very nice.

I am glad Cyn is happy with the results. Commissions are tough sometimes--getting exactly what your client wants can be tricky. I might start making more dogs soon.
Perhaps a dachshund next?


  1. What a great replica of Bette! I would love to see it covered with beads and buttons.

  2. Wow, I love that. teach me how to make these little wire creatures!!