Friday, April 2, 2010

Tins Charming: Finding My Inner Chicken

The first class I took at Artfest last week was "Tins Charming" by the lovely (and herself charming) Liesel Lund. She teaches at her home in Seattle and around the "arting" circuit.

I made this necklace in class that day and am very, very pleased with it.

I like making jewelry, but I was mostly interested in taking her class to investigate new techniques for adding to my Button Bird Scavengers that I have already been making.

I thought tin would be a nice way to incorporate recycled materials and add color and volume to my sculptures.

You only need three basic tools to get started in tin deconstruction: aviation snips, a can opener, and tin shears.

I immediately ran out and bought all these tins at the thrift store.
Once the bottoms are cut off of the tins and the edges removed, the fun part starts. You definitely should wear gloves when deconstructing, that tin is sharp! Also, emery boards and metal files are essential for smoothing down the edges. You can also add nice finishing touches with a metal punch and eyelets. I have so far bought 2 metal punches and now have every size on the planet to punch except for the size that fits my eyelets! I just ordered a third punch online yesterday for my 1/16th inch punch.
Playing with the metal.

Instead of making another crow, I was inspired to create a slightly larger bird that also had interesting feathers.

It's hard to see it when it is just the wire outline.

Ah ha, now you might have a better idea what I am doing. This is nowhere near finished, but I was so excited about it, I had to share it!

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  1. Hi Jennevieve!
    Finally getting around to exploring some sites of Artfesters I met. I also went to see some of the public art you told me about. That wall is hugely inspiring and I'm in awe that you did those installations. And especially that wall. It's beyond fantastic!!! : )

    Hope you can visit me soon also! The mechanical birds are on our website and also some are on You Tube.