Thursday, May 27, 2010

Late Spring in the Garden

I know I should be slaving away in my art studio at all hours right now to get ready for my upcoming art show, but I just can't stay out of the garden right now. May and June in the garden are my favorite months of the year.

The front yard is getting very full and grown in and I have to trim, weed, and weed some more.
One of the Clematis is doing very well.

And my California poppies have really taken off this year.

The cats love to roll around on the concrete.

The other day I was working in the garden and this teenage boy walked by--he has walked by everyday for at least three years and we have never talked--and out of the blue he says, "Your garden is my favorite garden that I walk by." That was nice of him to say that!

Have you ever heard of ice plants? They are a type of succulent that I love to plant and the bees love them too but every year they die and I have to buy more so this year I decided not to plant them again. I propagated all of the blue fescues from seed. They grow really well in our climate. Same goes for the blue oat grass.

The alliums are my favorites.

I just bought two yards of the stinkiest compost I have ever smelled and am starting to fill in the planting areas. I love the dark brown color.

The back yard is less than a year old in its current state so it is not completely filled in yet.

The plastic tarps I plan on leaving at least through the summer because we had some very invasive weeds back here and I want to make sure they are dead, dead, dead! The Ginko tree seems happy. And you can just see our eco-grass that is starting to sprout.

Every time I turn around, it seems like 10 new weeds have sprouted up! I think gardening is 5% planning, 5% planting, and % weeding!

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