Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Ate This Cheesecake

This is no ordinary cheesecake. The crust is made with chocolate wafers and the cheesecake part has goat cheese in it. I grabbed this cheesecake recipe from Delish.

It was easy and yummy, no doubt about it. Three out of four of us each ate two of them.

And check out those jazzy new dishes I have. I have wanted to buy new dishes for a while and I found these cool red crackle dishes with black bases as Fred Meyer's, believe it or not. There they were, two boxes of a 4 setting/16 piece dish set, sitting on a lonely clearance table. So now I have 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 bowls, and 8 mugs. We didn't really need new mugs, but I took 6 mish-mashed ones out of our cupboard and put them in the donation box. I love this red and black combo; it goes quite well with the kitchen. The whole shebang for 8 settings was on close out for only $40! Considering that I was looking at sets for $300 and up, I am pleased as punch with my new dishes.

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