Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making Space in the Studio

My studio is always a mess. I believe this is a healthy sign of a studio that is functional, not decorative.

But lately, I have been working on several different kinds of projects and realized that despite the nice large size of my studio, it suffers from a lack of work stations. I want to have one area to do jewelry, one area for painting, one area for tin sculpture, and one area for concrete and mosaic work. That way I can keep things set up if I am working on multiple projects.

I decided to put a long work bench at the windows along the west facing side.

My dad had a great idea for a simple counter that is basically a frame held up with angle braces. Quick to make and install.

Then we just made a quick little shelf for storage underneath. It took us about 4 hours to make it. It would have been even faster but of course we had to go to the hardware store again because I forgot the peg board.

It's starting to look more functional here. I still need to keep cleaning out stuff but it is hard because I will always think of a use for something after I have donated it or given it away.

I am making wire birds like crazy for my art show next month.

I am also going to be showing my jewelry too and I have been having fun with tin and found objects.


  1. The studio looks great. Highly functional. I like your latest necklaces.

  2. wow...excellent...and I love the birds. I want to take a Genevieve wire bird workshop!!!

  3. awesome new studio counters and layout! LOVE those jewelry pieces! do you teach workshops?