Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Newest Food Obsession

Just simple pickled banana rings.  These are so delicious.  Sweeter and milder that jalapenos but still with a little kick.  I know there must be more glamorous brands out there but we flew through our first jar and I needed to get some more immediately.  I will probably start looking at gourmet stores and maybe this summer I will be able to make my own.

Our favorite way to eat them right now is to layer them with Gruyere and salami on dark caraway rye bread and then grill them.  That is making my mouth water right now just thinking of them.  I have added them to ground turkey soft tacos as well as on top of an Asian stir fry for crunch.  Next I am thinking to add them to some sort of dip for an appetizer.   I love having condiments in my life.

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