Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

On 2 different recent occasions I was told by lecturing artists that when I make something I like, I should make 10 more of it or make one every day for a month to perfect my skills and see where I want to take it.

I think this is a great and simple philosophy.  All too often I fall into the ''what's next" trap and think I need to endlessly be trying new things.  I am stepping back and letting myself concentrate on lattice scarves.  (Of course I am also working on a ton of new dyeing techniques at the same time, but it will all balance out, no?) 

The first lattice scarf I made had square edges and was 4 squares wide.  This one is 2 squares wide but with fringe.  I was so excited about it I took a photo before I had ironed it and snipped off a few lumpy bits, but I really love how this one turned out.  I purposely made the square holes larger so I can pull the scarf into itself which allows for a multitude of ways to wear it. 
We are going on a cruise at the end of the month and I want to make a couple of spring scarves to take with me.  Maybe one lattice and one extra large nuno wrap for when it gets chilly.  Onward!

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