Friday, March 2, 2012

Wet Felting a Lattice Scarf

I've been thinking a lot about lattice style scarves lately.  It's getting closer to spring and every few days we have been having a little nicer day and it makes me want to wear my spring clothes.  A lattice scarf is a good compromise because it keeps you warm but looks nice and light and airy.

I used nearly 3 oz. of roving for this.  After I got the whole piece nice and wet with soapy water, I worked every little square by hand to firm up the edges and make sure they were nice and straight. 

Usually I like to wrap up my scarves in bubble wrap and start rolling them immediately but this was so delicate that I did a lot of the work gently and by hand and only rolled it in bubble wrap for a little bit in the middle of the process. 

I am going to keep playing with this style. I would like to add needle felting at the intersections but I plan on wearing it this weekend to the Surface Design Conference in Seattle so I won't have time yet. 

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