Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ready for an Adventure

In three days we head out to Miami.  Miami!  But it is just a quick stop before we get on a giant ship and toddle around the Caribbean for 8 days.  I've never been on a cruise before and readily admit I have some pretty fierce (and probably outdated) stereotypes about the type of people that go on cruises.  But it is my dad's birthday and he wanted to go on a cruise, so there you go.  I am actually starting to get pretty excited.  Especially after we woke up yesterday and the ground was covered with snow.  And then became a hail storm when I went out to get a pedicure.  Not the best time to be wearing sandals!  

I am not a water person (wearing hard contacts makes it hard to swim.) I don't like tanning.  Yet I think I will find plenty to do on the gigantic Norwegian Pearl.  I'll have 2000+ other passengers to talk to!   It's funny how much time you have to prepare for a vacation that will be over before you know it.  We have an awesome house sitter so we don't need to worry about the house or the cats.  I bought new sandals and got a pedicure.  Now I just need to get some sunscreen and a sun hat and load up the Kindle and I will be good to go!  Sunny seas, here I come!

Have any of you ever gone on a cruise?  Any suggestions? 

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