Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Building a Boat Sculpture: Part 1

 The great thing about being at artist in Tacoma is that a lot of community art events exist here.  I've been asked, along with 9 other artists, to create a boat sculpture for the Maritime Festival in September.  It seems a long ways off but I want to make a fun, unique sculpture and that take time so I have started my sketches and prototypes now. 

I started by researching different boat types and making a lot of sketches.

At first, I thought I wanted to make a submarine.  I decided no because the shape is so, well, phallic.  Then I thought I might make a British style frigate, circa 1805, but the thought of all those masts and sails gave me pause.  

A house boat is an interesting idea.  Especially one with legs.

But I like the idea of some sort of viking long boat as well.  

So I decided to make prototypes for both.  

The final piece is to be constructed out of at least 75% recycled materials.  I am considering using reclaimed tin.  But papier mache sounds intriguing as well.  

Seems like I have a few more prototypes to make before I figure out entirely which direction I am leaning.

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