Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tacoma Postcards

I went to a fun party this month called Tacoma Postcards.  It was a community building party for the Tacoma Historical society with a arty twist.

Everyone was encouraged to make at least one postcard representing one of their favorite (or least favorite) buildings in Tacoma. 

Now, I think of myself as an arty person that is interested in architecture, but when it came down to making my own, I was a little stumped where to start.

I ended up drawing the independent, non-profit movie theater The Grand Cinema where I volunteer every week. 

The fun catch was that you leave your postcard at the end of the night and then you fill out an address label for each postcard you brought (some people brought 5 or 6) and then they would randomly mail you a postcard that someone else made!  I haven't received mine yet as they decided to scan all of the postcards for posterity.  I think that will take a while: there were 100's of postcards.

When we arrived at the party space, sheets of paper were spread out on the wall, each labeled with a different neighborhood in Tacoma.  You were given a pushpin and instructed to pin up your postcard in the neighborhood your building belongs.  Fun! 

My postcard took a while since I drew it by hand.  Others used collage, straight photography, Photoshop magic, one gentleman even painted mini watercolors on each of his postcards.  The more postcards you brought, the more you would receive!

Not everyone made a postcard but they were well received (as long as they contributed to the potluck or brought something to drink to share with everyone). 
I can't wait until the next postcard party.  I suggested they try out different themes like doorways or columns.  Whatever theme is chosen, I will be there!  Do you have a historical or other group in your town that this theme would work with?  It's a great community party with the added bonus of a little gift for yourself.   -

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