Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Container Gardening

In our new backyard, we ripped out our old, ugly vegetable/herb garden and are creating a container garden instead. Mostly I decided to do this because we have a cat that used the garden as a litter box whenever possible. I tried to fence off the area with deer fencing and that kept the cats out. It succeeded in keeping me out as well; with the fence I wasn't able to reach the veggies easily either.

So we went down to Bamford and Bamford to buy some pots. We picked out 7 and they are on hold right now for us to pick up on Friday. I was impressed by the amount of pots we were picking out and then I saw this couple in a Lexus SUV walk in and they started picking out pots taller than me and then I realized we were small-time customers.

This black bot with the lime green stripe is one of my favorites and is forming the centerpiece of the display.

I liked this green one quite a bit, but we have decided to go with black pots.

And finally, we aren't using this black, waffle patterned pot, but I realized later and thought it was funny that the fuzzy building you see in the left background is actually where Trevor works on the other side of the Thea Foss Waterway.

The photo below is from Casa Sugar. They always have interesting ideas. I like the rocks around the base of the pots and the red pot as the accent and focal point. I might try the rocks around the base in a few spots with our pots.

I am looking forward to getting the containers home this weekend and playing with their placement.

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  1. I think a container garden is the way to go. Our female dog pees like a male so I'm going to grow all my herbs in pots. Love to see your selection when you get them!