Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pure Experimentation Stencilry: I am not a doilies and lace type of girl

My online stencil class started yesterday and lots of other students were posting photos of their work last night. I only found time to start working on it today.

Our first lesson is to make a portfolio/folder to hold all of the work we will be making in the coming month. It was a great opportunity to try things out without worrying too much about it. I have been focused so much on yard remodeling and sculpture that it is a nice break to work on some 2-D items.

Mary Ann, the instructor, recommended using found stencils versus making our own for the first project just to get the hang of using them and suggested gathering a lot of doilies and lace to start stenciling with; but I am not a doilies and lace type of girl. I did manage to get my hands on a couple pieces of lace trim, but mostly I had fun trying to find items unique to me that would work well as a stencil.

My favorites were a big plastic tray from a nursery, misc. screws, a scrap bit of the plastic edging I am using around our new patio, dry wall tape, and mosaic mesh backing. I made a mess and had a lot of fun with this first part.

I liked limiting my colors. In fact I almost wish I hadn't added the red. Almost.

The one above is going to be the front cover of the portfolio and the one below is going to be the back cover.

The two below are going to be the inside covers. I like them okay, but I like the other two much better.

I am looking forward to the next class and seeing what else everyone is working on.


  1. This is too cool. I love how the ghosted nursery tray looks so much better than a regular old nursery tray. And I LOVE the new crow. He's such a little scavenger!

  2. Very nice! Great found stencils as well. I really like the fence!! :)

  3. Nursery trays, wow hadn't thought of that one! Isn't it funny how you start evaluating all sorts of objects for their stencil potential?