Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bay Area, Here I Am

This is my third trip to San Francisco. As an adult. (I think I came here once when I was a kid, but that doesn't count.) The last two times we stayed with friends, which was wonderful and they took us to all of their local haunts. This time I am staying in a hotel downtown and I am excited about seeing the city, via public transit. I am armed with a bunch of recommendations from blog readers and friends and I am already in possession of a 7-day muni/bus pass. Awesome. Only $24 and I can get anywhere I want.

We weren't even downtown a full hour yesterday before we jumped on bus #6 (plenty of body odor and packed bodies) and headed to Haight street to go to the Fluevog store. There is a Fluevog store in Seattle, but this is more fun. (If you've never heard of Fluevogs, get thyself to their shop or website immediately.) It was only shop we went into on Haight. I could have bought 5 pairs if my budget allowed, they are all so lovely. Mission accomplished, each a new pair of shoes in hand, we went for a snack at a cute little cafe/bar, Reverie, up on Cole Street and recommended by the woman who sold me my shoes. I wish I had taken a photo of the grilled chicken kabob plate we shared--I forgot. We were so hungry, blogging slipped my mind. When I am hungry, everything else takes a back seat.

My new shoes:

By the time we made it back to the hotel, we decided to just finish up the night quietly in the hotel bar and I remembered to take some photos.

The bar had a fabulous round room with orange/red leather seating and red wall paper and this lovely red chandelier in a gold painted dome. That's where we ate the deep fried pork balls, or as I mentioned on Facebook, the DEAD fried pork meatballs. Same thing really.

I had a bellini (champagne and peach puree) and Trevor had a a glass of Dolcetto.
But then I switched to a glass of Nebbiolo and I was happy, happy, joy, joy. I am going to try and find a nice wine bar for us to go tonight. I am thinking we should do a little California taste test.

But first, I am off to the Academy of Sciences. Trevor is at his developer conference, poor man--when we got in the elevator last night a guy was wearing a JAVA t-shirt, and Trevor announced, "we are in the land of the geeks now." I think he really meant "we are with our people."

See you later!

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