Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Heart the Pioneer Woman

I am in love. No really, in love with The Pioneer Woman. I have been reading her blog for a while--she seems to be sort of a wonder-woman: 4 kids, lives on a ranch, horses, cooking, photography, home schooling, and now she wrote this cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks and is on a big book tour and number one on the New York Times advice book list.

And I just won one of her giveaways! That is, a roasting pan, a cast iron skillet, and a Wusthof knife! (I was just thinking this morning to buy a new iron skillet to try the Skillet Apple Pie discussed on Morning Edition) Her giveaways make my giveaways look like cheap-inside-a-box-of-candy giveaways.

This woman is popular. She has tens of thousands of readers. She inspires me to have an ambitious blog like hers. (Having 4 children however, not so much.)

Her recipes are so mouthwatering delicious. I have made her Hot Crash Potatoes countless times.

Thank you, Ree, you will forever be in my heart of hearts and on my blogroll!

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