Friday, November 27, 2009

Craft Project: Place Card Holders

Hello and happy day after Thanksgiving! Today is my 100th posting! I want to thank everyone who likes to read what I have to say! Now onto my Thanksgiving craft project.

With seven people at table for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make sure everyone was seated next to people I know they would like to talk to but I had to come up with place card holders about an hour before the guests arrived. All you need is some 20 gauge wire, some nippers and needle nose pliers and some wine corks. We have a lot of corks.

For each setting you will need a 9 inch piece of wire. Use 1 1/2 inches of one end to create a small spiral:

Do this for all of the wire you will need.

Next, wrap wire around cork:

Fasten it with a twist or two. I used my pliers to make it nice and tight:

Then spiral the left over wire in a larger spiral. I liked facing the spirals in the same direction.

Use your pliers to separate the spirals so you can slip your cards into them.

Easy place card holders! I was thinking it would be fun to embellish them with buttons or paper flowers, but I ran out of time. I spent a lot of time on the paper leaf streams I hung above the table and left no time for the place cards.

I am always trying to think of new ways to reuse wine corks.

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  1. This looks beautiful. Very creative. Thank you for your idea.