Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craft Project

It is only 3 days away from the open studio tour and things are become hectic, to say the least. I just had an electrician install a ceiling heat fan, which is marvelous, but the weather has been so mild, it will just be my luck if I don't have to use it much during the tour! Also, I have been stuffing insulation up into the ceiling space of my studio since a heater isn't much use without insulation.

This has been one of the most uncomfortable things I have done in a very long time.

I am not exaggerating. I have to shove the mats of insulation up through a tiny square in the ceiling and then climb into the space that is only 4 feet tall at the crest of the roof and it goes down from there, and I can't step on the ceiling itself since it is just drywall and my foot, and perhaps my whole body, would go crashing through it. So I have to climb around over and under the beams, lugging the insulation. And it is dark and hot and awkward and I think I am covered in bruises from knocking myself about. Geez. I hate to whine and I hate reading people's blogs that are whining, but that was tough.

So I decided to take my mind off of cleaning the studio and make some paper banners to add as decoration for Sunday's opening. I have seen more than a couple crafty people making these on their blogs and I couldn't resist.

I used old spray paint stencils I made but never found a use for and an old calendar to make the triangles. It took a little while to cut out all of the paper triangles, but sewing it to the ribbon was fast and satisfying since the banner took shape so quickly. These will make my studio look very festive and I have made about 25 feet of banner so far and have at least that amount still to sew.
I think it would be fun and fairly easy to cater the theme or colors of the banner to any holiday or print out large letters for a birthday. Much prettier than store bought decorations.

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  1. looks good. I've installed insulation, and you're not whining -- it's the pits!