Monday, February 8, 2010

Fat Book, Finally!

OK, at long last, I have completed my fat pages for the Artfest Fatbook, and I am very pleased with how they turned out. Working with the fairy tales theme, I designed a Goose That Laid the Golden Egg page.

The story as taken from Wikipedia:
A man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough, and, imagining the bird must be made of gold inside, they decided to kill it. Then, they thought, they could obtain the whole store of precious metal at once; however, upon cutting the goose open, they found its innards to be like that of any other goose.

I added my own opinion on the back of the pages as to the moral of the story:
Do not give in to the temptation to be inappropriate to the moment.

However happy with my theme, I was stumped last week, not liking the direction I was going; all the time I spent on the blue fronts was not really working for me.

So I went outside and spray painted some stencils on the front. Still not satisfied, I painted the backs of the pages with acrylics and then spray painted them as well and when I came inside to look at them and start with making all of the little geese and banners, I realized what my problem was. I didn't like the blue with the geese and the banners. The back colors I had chosen were much more complimentary. So I turned them over and the fronts became the backs and the backs became the fronts!

I also realized I wanted a more three dimensional egg, so I used those little gold brads used to hold office paper together.

Whew! That's a lot of pages. I am mailing them today.
I can't wait to get my fatbook at the event and see what the other 49 other artists created!


  1. Well done. After you attend the event, I hope you post photos of your fav pages from the other artists. So curious what others will do with the theme....

  2. I'm glad you switched colors for the geese. The first blue and yellow combination reminded me of those cutesy country geese (or were they ducks?) that were so popular in the '80s. I'm with Holly -- can't wait to see pics and hear all about the Artfest. Have fun!

  3. very cool! love your goose and the colors! makes me wish i was doing the fat book thing! :)

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