Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Science of Art at the Museum of Glass

A few of you already know that I recently started working at the Museum of Glass here in Tacoma as the artist in residence in their Education Studio. I am working with students of all ages that are part of the museum's Science of Art Curriculum. They are studying the science of sound and glass and so I proposed making wind chimes with the students.

There was quite a bit of prep work getting everything ready. Those are just plain old zinc washers from Tacoma Screw.

It was tricky trying to incorporate glass with the kids since we don't want them to mess with anything dangerous, so I stuck to glass beads and also had wire wrapping for the older students.
I like to wrap things in wire.
I had to make a few samples to make it sure it all worked.
The quiet before the storm:
(By the way, there is a lovely recycled plastic installation by Barbara De Pirro hanging in the windows and around the column.)

Busy at work:

A few of the teenagers, of course, were a little too cool to take the project seriously, but I think most of the students enjoyed working on something creative.

I am really liking everyone I have met that either works or volunteers at the museum. I am also loving that they let people wear jeans. When I volunteered at the zoo I had to wear khaki, ack!

I'll be doing this every other week for the next 6 weeks, fun!


  1. Great photos. VERY COOL. I wish I could have made one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My son would love to do something like this!