Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Hour Any Hour

Whenever we go out to a fancy dinner, we like to start with a little bubbly. It is festive, and gets you ready for whatever else you are going to eat and drink. We especially like Champagne Cocktails. Supposedly these were one of the first cocktails ever invented--they drink them constantly in the movie Casablanca but who knows if this is the original recipe, really. Only very fancy bars make these as you have to have sugar cubes on hand, but it is a very simple recipe and will charm the socks off anyone you have over.

Champagne Cocktails

For 2 servings you will need:
2 Champagne flutes
2 mini bottles Champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling wine.
sugar cubes
lemon rind

Most of you probably know, sparkling wine can only be called "Champagne" if it is from that particular region. Italian sparklers, Proseccos, are just as tasty and usually cost less.

Place one sugar cube in each flute. I love sugar cubes, so elegant looking.

Pour enough bitters over sugar cubes so you don't see any white anymore. Don't worry, the finished drink is not bitter!

Slowly pour bubbles to almost fill glass.

If you are serving from the mini bottles, there will be some left over and you can serve it on the side with the drinks.
Add your twist of lemon rind, and serve!

Last summer we had a wine party but just drank Champagne cocktails and French 75's (that's champagne and gin and that recipe is for another day.) Now THAT was a fun party!


  1. These look perfect for a birthday dinner or an intimate New Years party!

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