Sunday, June 27, 2010

Building a Shed: Part 1

I have a serious problem with storage in my art studio. Problem, like every thing we don't want in the house or anything that has to do with the lawn ends up in my studio. So piles of shovels, buckets, potting supplies, the lawn mower, etc, are all taking up valuable real estate in the studio and making me feel a little closed in.

When we put in the fence last summer, we ended up with one corner that was growing weeds and not much else was going on in that area, so we decided a shed would be a great solution to our problems.
What I was originally thinking was going to be a tiny shed is now turning out to be pretty big. The reasoning was, well, it's about the same time to make a 3x6 shed as it would be to make a 4x8 shed, so let's just make the latter. And 4x8 isn't really all that big; it will be filled up within a matter of minutes.

Everything should be finished tomorrow except for the paint. I want to go pick out a paint different from our house color as I am thinking ahead to what we might want to be painting the house a couple of years from now. The house is a faded moss green now. I am thinking of doing the shed another green color, but away from moss. I don't want to think about it too much; I am usually good at just picking out something on a whim and being happy with the results.

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