Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Building a Shed: Part 2

The shed is complete! OK, let me rephrase that. The shed is nearly complete! It has four walls, shelving, a door, and is already starting to fill up with stuff, but it still needs some love and care before I can step back and say, finished!

I am not complaining that there is more work to be done. Oh, no. If you just look below at the clutter that was filling up one corner of my art studio, you'll understand why I am so excited about this shed. And besides what is in this picture was also the lawn mower and buckets and a million little 3" to 6" sized pots.

It's looking pretty big right now, but it is filling up awfully quickly!

And I finally just took a whole bunch of stuff to the dump. This is stuff that I have had for years, always thinking that someday they may become useful. It never happened.

I found someone to buy our old gas mower (in exchange for a nice bottle of red wine) and now I think I'll be able to squeeze in our wheel barrel at the end of the season to store all winter long.
Now the important part: I need to pick out a paint color. I don't want it to match the moss green of the house and I think I might go with a lighter gray/green. If this weather stays nice, I will hopefully be painting by tomorrow. But now I have to go pick up a 16 year old that swears he can trim our overgrown laurel. I'd like to give the kid a chance since he keeps emailing me on Facebook that he can do it. I mean, really, he can't make it look worse than it already does!

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