Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Might Have Found My Secret Calling

Is there any way to make a living off of felting? Because I am seriously enjoying it more than almost anything else except for working with tin, cooking, drawing, ok, maybe it isn't my secret calling. I will never be called a Specialist. I am a Generalist, a I-Know-A-Little-About-A-Million-Different-Things type of person.

Sculpting that is so immediate and only held back by the imagination is so satisfying. This is supposed to be a dog, but Trevor thinks it looks like a goat. Hmmm. I think i depends on the angle.

I have been working on these felted critters to take to my niece and nephews in Dubai. I will have to be very firm, however, in letting them know these are art and not toys. I think they will get it; they are smart kids. This Sea Monster for Zayd took me over 15 hours to make! (But I watch a lot of movies while I am making them.)
It's the biggest thing I have made yet with needle felting.

And this little alien just makes me giggle. I really want to keep it for myself.

I like looking at them in groups.

My sister just emailed me and suggested bringing my metal snips and shears with me in case I find any cool tin over there that I want. I didn't even think of that! If I can find tin with Arabic or Hindu writing, I will be pretty excited. I hope 3 suitcases between two of us is enough! I will toss out clothes before art and jewelry supplies.


  1. They are adorable. And Trevor, sometimes a dog is just a dog...

  2. Isn't it fun, Genevieve? I love to needle felt, too. And your little creatures are so creative. I may have to pick it back up again now that you have inspired me! BTW...Are you going to Art Fest again this year?

  3. No Art Fest this year. It looks good, but we are leaving for Dubai tomorrow and that is where I plan on spending my money! I am looking at going to either Art & Soul in Portland in October or the Create fest in california later in summer.

  4. I'm not gonna make it either this year. I'm taking a girlfriend road trip for my 40th birthday to Moab to mountain biking and art.

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong.

    I was wondering if you would give a video tutorial or at least written instructions on how to make those bird feet out of wire? I have an idea for my hubby's Valentine's Day gift (which I make every year) and I want to make those little feet and have no idea what kind of wire to use and how to construct shapes with it. Would you help a girl out?

  5. I am just about to get on an airplane but I can tell you I used 18 gauge steel wire that I bought at home depot. You can use 20 gauge too. and I made each leg separately and then twisted them together. Start by making the front toe and make the other toes off it and twist the wire around. OK, that sounded incomprehensible, sorry. I can do an in depth tutorial when I get back, but that won't be until the 21st!