Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day Giveaway

Since it is a snow day and since I had no desire to venture outside today and because I love all of you who come and visit my blog, I decided to make a little felted bird for a goodie giveaway.

View from my dining room today:

I actually started making the bird as a tutorial on wire feet that I will be posting soon, but since the birdie is all done, I want to post the giveaway right away.

So here it is, all you need to do to win this little felted birdie is to comment on this post by answering the following question:

What is your favorite thing to do in the Spring?

That's it.

If you post this on your own blog, you get 3 chances to win. (Just make sure you tell me in the comments when you answer the question if you posted on your blog and throw in a link!)

Thanks! Winner will be selected randomly March 1st.
Thanks for playing!

P.S. I will ship this little birdie anywhere in the world! I know I have a lot of viewers out of the country, so go ahead and enter!


  1. Hi J I have another friend who is a Felter ?
    felt sculpturer?
    FB name is Pockyclyptic if your interested in a felting communinty
    I dont know if he is
    I haven't asked
    but hes a good guy and an avid artist

  2. Jennevieve
    I will be posting to my blog, just want to check that I can use a picture of your felted bird. Thought it would be just fine as I will give full attribution, but this can be a touchy issue at times.

  3. It used to be listening to spring training games (baseball) on the radio. Now it's probably shopping for a new bag/purse while fondly remembering the white purses my mom used to buy for summer. They were so unattractive but she loved them.

  4. using my picture is fine as long as it is for the giveaway. Thanks for asking!

  5. I like to go to nursery(s) and pick up some plants -- especially herbs. Spring always makes me want to plant something!

  6. Okay, post is up on my blog about your give-away. Now as to spring, it is my favorite season, all about new possibility.
    I am daffodil obsessed and take entirely too many photographs of them and other spring flowers. By planting many different varieties, daffs bloom at my house from the last days of February to the first or second week in May.

  7. As soon as spring gets to Montana, I start preparing for a season of mountain biking!

  8. hi jennevieve...i love your little bird & answered the spring question. see miss you!

  9. spring i pour over gardening books and imagine what is possible. and dry out from the wet winter. And hang out with my new felted bird???? --Maija