Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journey to the Top of the World

Today we went up to the top observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. This dark photo of us in the elevator is just a joke; the ride 124 stories up was so fast and easy that it was practically over before we noticed. The building hosts a fancy Armani Hotel and a whole slew of residences. I can't even imagine how much it would cost for an apartment in this building.

This was hands down the most impressive thing I have seen here in Dubai. It seems completely unreal to look out onto this avant-garde and totally over the top landscape that was little more than desert just 40 years ago. The Burj Khalifa is part of a giant new complex built only in the last 5 years. On the far left is just a fraction of the Dubai Mall.

This futuristic building is a residence and hotel in between the Dubai Mall on the left and the Souk Al Bahar on the center right. We sat in a cafe in the Souk Al Bahar a few nights ago to watch the fountain display.
View of Sheik Zayed Road.
I love the look of this interchange; I think I am going to paint a painting of it.
Capitalism everywhere. I like their "you break it, you buy it" verbage.
Everything looks so futuristic and unreal. You know how if you go to the zoo or the Science Center and pay 50 cents to have a penny smashed with an image on it for a keepsake? Here they have a commemorative gold coin dispenser with prices starting at 500 Dirhams (about $138US) to receive a little gold square with the Burj stamped on it!
OK, this is a little hard to see, but if you squint out into the Gulf of Arabia (Persian Gulf to Westerners) you can see these man made islands that all together are in the shape of the world.
Another glimpse of Sheik Zayed and the interchange.
I made Trevor wear my Grand Cinema t-shirt so we can have it posted up in the lobby when we get back.
Tonight we are going out to a fancy seafood and steak restaurant that I am really looking forward to!


  1. Amazing. I wish the elevator wasn't so dark -- Trevor's expression cracks me up!

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