Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brussels Sprouts Are Good For You

I have have always liked Brussels Sprouts. These tiny cabbage family members seem to be a staple at many Thanksgiving tables. The only problem with these lovely veggies is that if they are overcooked they can start to smell, well, cabbage-y and sulfurous which is why I think some people don't like them because a lot of people tend to overcook their veggies. But if you cook them quickly they have great flavor and retain more of their nutrients.

My favorite way to use them is to shave or chiffonade them, which just means to slice thin. Wash them, cut them in half lengthwise, peel off loose outer layer and slice crosswise. It almost looks like you are making coleslaw.

Once prepared this way they can be quickly sauteed in oil with a little garlic or they can be added to fresh salads or sautes of any kind.
Today I cooked up some onion and mushroom and then added roasted tomatoes, chicken sausage, the shaved Brussels sprouts, and chopped Swiss Chard. Then I tossed it with some pasta and Gruyere and a touch of olive oil. Plus salt and pepper and a little white wine when cooking.

Shout out to this delicious pasta our friend Greg just introduced us to. It has a lot of texture and holds sauce really well.

I forgot to mention that I started the whole thing by crisping up a few pieces of bacon and then poured off all but a tablespoon of the fat before adding some canola oil and starting the sauteing in that. Yum. Then I crumbled up the cooked bacon and added it to the dish as a garnish. Double yum.
Go eat some Brussels sprouts today. They are so good for you!

P.S. I cannot stop listening to the Barber of Seville soundtrack. We finally hooked up the good stereo speakers to the stereo (they were connected to the DVD player which is good too-- I think we need more speakers) and I like to sit in between the speakers and really soak up the music. (OK, I obviously don't get out much and I need some new suggestions for other opera to listen to!)


  1. and this looks amazing too! have a great trip to Dubai! are you going to artfest this year?

  2. No Art Fest for me this year. Besides the Dubai trip I have some big plans this year and need to save the cash. But it looks like it will be a ton of fun! I might try to hit up a class or two at Art and Soul in Portland.