Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out and About in Dubai

Yesterday, my nephew Zayd, my dad, Trevor, and I went on the Dubai Metro to visit the old part of Dubai on the Creek (what they call their big downtown river) and ride an Abra across the creek to the old Spice Souk.

We stopped at a lovely art gallery that had this amazing shark sculpture out front.
Fun with camels.
Watermelon juice with Arabic sweets and dates. Delicious.
In the Spice Souk.
More window shopping.
On the abra.
Nice views of the Creek.
I love wandering around and getting lost in the tiny alleyways.
This photo does not give justice to how lovely the water looked.
One of the ten zillion mosques in Dubai.
Lots of beautiful doorways. The light today was lovely. It was the best weather so far.
The textile souk. Lots of men calling me "madame" and hustling hard to sell me handbags: "Good fakes."
I am about to have an encounter with a camel. Was afraid to get too close.
This lovely Emirate gentleman told us all about the traditional Bedouin way of life. Right next to his knee is a falcon on a perch. He also fed us dates inside a tent.

A full day, we were pretty tired when we came home. Then later that evening, we went to the Atlantis Hotel out on the Palm, but that is for another post.......halfway through our trip.

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