Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jewelry Shopping in Dubai

I didn't buy as much jewelry as I planned while in Dubai, but I think the quality of what I bought is much better and more interesting than what I have bought in the past.

Above and below is a tassel I purchased at a booth in the Yemeni pavilion in the Global Village. Usually they are sold in pairs and are not earrings, but meant to hang off of a head dress. The fellow was so desperate to make some sales that he let me buy just one. We haggled for quite a bit. I think the detailing is just gorgeous.

I also picked up this necklace from him too. He said it was antique; I think vintage might be a better term for it. Nonetheless, I love it. It looks equally great with a simple black tank top or with something dressy.

And of course he wouldn't let me go until I bought this matching bracelet. It was easy to convince me.
And this old Yemeni coin is not jewelry yet, but it will be soon!
This stunning necklace was made in Turkey. I never caught the name of the shop where I bought this, but they import in the most fantastic, bold, and graphic jewelry from Turkey that is made to their specifications. I could have spent all my money in that shop. Talk about a statement necklace.

This delicate little elephant came from a store in the Dubai Mall called Monsoon. I also bought a beautiful gray tulle skirt and a couple of silk scarves from that shop.

The first day there I bought this ring at a little outside market.

Can you tell I like big and bold jewelry?

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