Monday, July 11, 2011

Bead Show Goodies

I went to a little bead show at the Tacoma Convention center this weekend and brought home some goodies. These red beads are called "Red Velvet" and they really do look like velvet.  Those black and white polka dot beads are lampworked glass.

None of this stuff I actually need of course, but I gave my self a $60 limit and spent $57.

These little caps are inspiring me to make a big fancy statement necklace.  

And these big hooks, far more than I will ever get to, have such a nice weight and feel to them.

This Afghani bracelet is by far my favorite item.  These are all old coins.  I am going to take it apart and use them in necklaces.  
Bead shows are dangerous!


  1. Did you notice that the smooth silver cones don't have a hole on the inside for attaching things? I don't get how you're supposed to use them as a cover (to several strings) if there isn't anything inside the cone.

    I think we were robbed.

  2. Are they just dangles then? Hmmmm. Maybe a drill could solve that problem!