Monday, July 4, 2011

My Favorite Things to Grill: Meat, Onions, Peppers

 When the sun comes out, so do the grilling tongs.  I grill Anaheim peppers directly on the grill and cook the onions on a small sheet pan on the grill.  Once the peppers are black, I take them off and let them cool and then peel and seed them.  The onions, with a little oil and salt, take a little longer to cook but are so worth it.

Anaheims aren't very spicy to begin with but grilling them makes them smokey and even mellower. 

Top heartily with the grilled onions.  I love these whole wheat hamburger buns we get from Fred Meyers.  The burgers were from the farmers' market; local, grass fed beef.

Mmmmm, pickles. 

We used green Walla Walla onions from the farmers' market instead of the regular yellow onions.  The Walla Walla onions were even better.  The sugar and water content in them makes them fall apart, almost like an onion jam. 

I am the type of person that likes to savor my burger and save it for the last bites.  

Happy Fourth of July!

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