Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like Little Pillows of Sweetness

I first made marshmallows from scratch nearly 2 years ago.  I haven't thought to make them since but my sister and her family are in town for the month and my niece wanted to see how they were made. I had casually mentioned one evening while we were roasting marshmallows at my dad's house that I had made marshmallows from scratch and she became obsessed with the idea.  So I had her over for a sleep over and we made marshmallows and dunked them in hot chocolate while we played Sorry.  Overall, a very satisfying evening.  (Or rather, I made marshmallows and she watched.)
Many people are mystified by candy making.  The whole candy thermometer, soft ball stage thing can seem a little weird at first.  If you are interested at all, read my original Making Marshmallows From Scratch post. They don't take long at all and they really impress people.  Also, they taste way better than those stale, plastic tasting ones from the grocery store.  Like little pillows of sweetness.

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