Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Supper and a Trip to Ikea

Well we actually did it.  We were able to get everything packed and convince a boat load of friends to come help and we moved last weekend.  In fact, we managed to move about 95% of the house in under 4 hours.  But it is going to take 2 more weeks to get that last 5% out of our old house!

One of the big selling points for me on this house was the kitchen.  The big built-in butcher block plus stainless steel counters and a gas stove make me happy.  And a proper hood over the stove.  Who knew I would ever have one?  I can't begin to explain what a glorious step up in housing this move was but if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you might know that our old house was too small, dark, and cramped for two people who worked from home.

The view from my kitchen couldn't be less cramped!  Right now looking at the water and bridge takes up a lot of spare time in my day.  Every time I am walking through a room with a view, I stop and look outside for a spell. 

After 4 days in the house I finally managed to unpack enough to make a big pot of Chicken Curry Stew.   I followed this recipe from Alisa Burke's blog and it turned out delicious.

The only problem with the kitchen is the lack of cupboard space. Now before you get all uppity that this is a fantastic kitchen and what is her problem, let me explain.  The work areas are great.  The layout is great.  But I swear the people that owned the house before must not have cooked much.  OR maybe they rarely entertained.  I have dishes and glasses to serve 20.  There is no proper pantry; it is all just open shelves and I usually hate looking at clutter on shelves.  (Also, it makes me feel compelled to keep everything perfect looking all the time, which I am not good at doing.)  And when you start to count the cupboards, I think I had more space at the old house.  

As you look at the cluttered, nearly full kitchen above, check out all of these boxes I still needed to unpack. 

This could only mean one thing.  IKEA to the rescue.  I am completely in love with butcher block island we bought there yesterday.  Granted, it took 4 (not a typo, FOUR) hours to put the thing together but that is now a faint and distant memory.  The front has 4 big drawers for my plates and bowls and baking supplies.  The back side is shelving for pots and pans.  I just sealed the top so that is why it is not covered in clutter at the moment. 
Now I just have a few odds and ends to put away and a new silverware tray to procure and I have to find a place for all our champagne glasses, but other than that things are looking good in one room at least!  And now I can cook, cook, cook, and no more take away pizza for me in the near future if I can help it!

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