Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mapping the New Terrain

 We are being careful about letting our cats go outside.  Even though they have been in the new house for a week, I am hesitant to let them run outside.   It's actually been funny watching them navigate themselves through the new spaces.  They have been on the hunt for the front door but have not found it yet because it is metal and they have absolutely no experience 

We decided the best place to start was the deck.  It is completely off the ground and so they can explore but not run away unless they take a flying leap.  (Which one has done before at the old house so it's not 100% safe)

For now they are very hesitant to go outside.  They want to and then they look out the door and then they get scared. 

Vincent, the tabby, won't step outside at all.  

Both Moneypenny (pictured) and Sack have gone out on the deck but were a little scared of the edge and the sound of the traffic on the bridge.  
Maybe tomorrow we can open the door downstairs and see what they think about that. 

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