Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Body is Made of Soup

If you are what you eat, my body is made of soup.  This non-stop, soup for dinner, leftover soup for lunch cycle has been occurring for 2 reasons.

1) Our oven doesn't work (more on that in a second).

2) It's rainy out.  I always want to make soup when it is rainy out.  

Last night I experimented around and came up with carrot, parsnip, edamame soup.  The parsnip flavor is strong, but good.  It also has a lot of red pepper flakes in it and garlic that I threw in at the last stage of cooking so that flavor is nice and strong too.  Chicken broth and onions round it out.  Served with a dollop of sour cream.  Yum. 

But back to the broken oven.  The door won't stay closed on it.  We knew this when we bought the house and the owners gave us a concession for it but, sheesh, I didn't realize how glued to the hip I am with my oven.  I miss my oven!  My dad is a bit of a genius when it comes to mechanical things (maybe a touch more intuitive than scientific) and he promptly looked at all the specs and realized there were some clips missing from the hinges and so we had to order new hinges.  We have wasted a lot of time speculating how on earth the former owners could do this to an oven.  No idea.
We order new hinges.  They arrive and they are the wrong size.  Right part number for the right model on the packaging but wrong part completely.  Dad calls Kitchen Aid and patiently explains the situation to them for an hour.  They say they are sending the new part.  Eight days later the part arrives.

Still the wrong size.

So he calls them back again and gently explains the whole story again and the customer service person said that since he was so nice and patient about the whole thing she is going to send a repairman out and we are only going to be charged $129 no matter what.  If he has to come back 4 times, if he has to go to Mexico and pick up the part personally, they will get our oven working.  (Lesson of the story: NEVER get mad at a service rep!)  I promptly went out and bought my dad a gift certificate to our favorite wine bar for being such a champ.

Yay!  Fingers are crossed.  They can't make it out until next week but I feel like we are finally on the road to cooking again.  I have a no knead bread recipe I have been dying to try out and, damn it, I want some roasted potatoes and cookies!

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