Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Allium Vandal?

I love Alliums. Big, beautiful, firecrackers of purple flowers. They are singular. They are also singularly expensive. About $1 a bulb and they never procreate like my tulips. But they come back year after year and are the real stars of our garden in spring. I keep adding them all over the yard.

However, last year, someone kept trying to break the ones in our parking strip off of their stems. Their stems are strong and you cannot break them without shears, so the vandal left them dangling, pathetic.

Last fall I planted a couple more bulbs in that spot. I thought, well maybe if there is a larger grouping, nobody will mess with them.

I was wrong. Today, as I was working on finishing painting the living room, I looked out and only saw four Allium, not five. This time it was broken off at the bulb, but left laying on the sidewalk. We are wondering, could an Allium have too much weight and fall on it's own? If a person tried to grab it, they could have taken it. Vandal or bad luck?

Another visitor I found in our garden today:


  1. I love your Alliums. I should add some to my yard. I would be so pissed if somebody was stealing flowers/plants out of my yard after all the work that goes into it.

  2. OH!!! I haven't seen a ladybug in years!
    However, as Ann said I would be so pissed if someone was picking my flowers esp because down here they are hard to find.I have a few desert wildflowers in my new yard and when we move in I 'd like to grow more as well as developing a cactus garden.I wonder if it's the same person....