Friday, May 15, 2009

Dark or Light in the Bedroom?

We had a big garage sale last week and got rid of our ugly dresser. (Sorry, mom.) Now I am going to be putting up closet shelving in place of the dresser. But first, I need to paint. This is the only room in the house that I have avoided painting since I bought the house 5 years ago.

I was looking at a gold to match the dark blue and gold comforter that we have, but I received negative reaction from both the husband and several of our friends. What is so wrong with a gold?

Ann suggested green, any type of green.

Heather suggested a darker color, like purple. She has a dark eggplant in her bedroom and commented that it was comforting and snug, or something like that. Her husband Rick concurred.

When I went to Miller Paint here in Tacoma, (very nice staff by the way, I highly recommend them) they were aghast at a dark color in a small room with little natural light.

My theory is if a room is small, it's going to look small no matter what you do with it.

What do you think? Dark purple (Chameleon from Devinegreen) or blue (Macaw from Devinegreen) all over or an alternative could be a dark blue or purple accent wall or just painted a third of the way up, all the way around the room like a wainscot. I am leaning ever so slightly towards the wainscot, because then I could also do an intersesting stencil around the top of it.

While taking care of the bedroom, I have also decided it is time to touch up the living room. It was done the first week I moved into the house. It is my favorite, Pumpkin Cream from Benjamin Moore.

We are obviously not afraid of color in this household. I think, life is short! At the same time, I don't like to be one of those people stuck in a rut for the rest of my life, even if it is orange. Also, the Pumpkin is looking a little dull and beat up. But I love orange. So I am brightening it up a notch and doing Cheddar in eggshell from Miller Paint. And I am going to redo the dark trim in bright glossy white for kicks.


  1. I agree -- a small room is gonna look small no matter what color you paint it. Our bedroom is 10X12 and it's dark red on all four walls with a pale green ceiling -- we love it. I'd pick an accent wall over a wainscotting effect which would just chop the room up visually. I'm surprised that I like the blue so much. My favorite colors are green and purple but that is a very nice blue.

    Also your cheddar looks remarkably similar to the Behr Apple Crisp we have in our house!

  2. I've been looking through the "Color Scheme Bible" but because I live in the Southwest I want "BRIGHT"! So I disagree with some of their samples. However , paint is relatively cheap so in my gutted house I'm doing subway tiles (because I have to pay someone to lay them)and when I unpack my art hopefully there will be color galore! I want the art to outshine the walls. What some furniture?

  3. We'd love some furniture!!!

    The nice thing about the southwest is all the light so bright color looks good. But I am still going to do bright colors. Trevor and I are both leaning towards the blue.

    We also just got this crazy idea that we should seriously consider to dormer our upstairs and now we need to save money like crazy to try and do it sooner than later.