Monday, May 11, 2009

Contractors Can Be So Annoying

Is it just me that whenever I am trying to get something done around my house, the contractor acts like a flake? You call to get a bid, they blow you off. Or you tell them you want to use them and then they disappear for 4 days without a trace. Then I get mad, start looking for other bids and now the contractor appears again, like nothing happened, everything fine, ready to start, but now I don't trust him. What happened to being professional and returning phonecalls? Geez.

All I want is get out back yard ripped up for a reasonable price without being jerked around. What on earth is the solution?

UPDATE: Found a new excavator, 1/3rd the price. Thanks to Shari for the Courtney recommendation. Goes to show you that you should ALWAYS get a second bid!


  1. Yep, sounds familiar.
    If you decide to go with the disappearing/reappearing guy, put some completion dates, with penalties, in writing.

  2. We are on the street if the toilets aren't in by July! Love your blog! Bought a new house that has a fountain that no one should have to live with!Not computer savvy.Can I send you a photo? My husband wants to take a hammer to it but I don't want him to smash the workings of it.