Sunday, May 31, 2009

Front Door Makeover

I have been planning on painting our front door for several years now. I even went so far as to pick out the exact color that I wanted two years ago. But that is lost now and I had to go pick out a new color.

It's funny how you avoid a project because you think it is going to be tedious or difficult. But the whole thing took me less than five hours. Granted, it was pretty warm outside; I sanded it, primed it with a dark primer, and then gave it two coats before rehanging it. The next day I touched up in a few spots. I finished the look with a brass door knocker I picked up in Hawaii almost two years ago. We are cat people, so I think this knocker is highly appropriate.

I love the look of extra glossy doors and trim. This fuchsia/raspberry color makes me so happy. I did not paint this for any Feng Shui reason. I believe in Feng Shui even less than I believe in Father Christmas; I painted it this color because our house is painted olive and wanted it to reference an olive stuffed with a pimento. Nice, complimentary colors.

Only, now, the door looks so nice that the peeling trim looks far worse than it did before, so I will be moving onto outside trim painting shortly.


  1. Love the color! Many people are afraid of color and it's the easiest thing to change.

    I'm using white subway tiles so I can change colors on the walls. The floors will be concrete but it will take 3 days before the color goes in but that does mean we can modify the shade.

  2. Hmm... the only thing that can possibly prolong the time revamping the door is redoing certain procedures because they're done inappropriately. I guess the time you spent procrastinating about the project was also used in unconscious contemplation of what you should do. It shows in the outcome. It was great! ;] -->Rodney

  3. Wow! Going from white to glossy bright pink? Now that’s a bold move! And I love how it turned out. Gone are the dull white doors, and in with the trendy glamorous ones. Cheers!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass Service, Inc.