Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bar Hopping

Yesterday was perfect. Like it was the perfect warm, sunny with a breeze spring day that was telling us, look, this is what the rest of summer is going to be about. So we walked down 6th ave to bar hop and progressively dine.

First stop: CORK!

Paired a Mionetto Il Prosecco with a Pear and Blue Cheese flatbread. So delicious. Their flatbreads are just Greek Style Pitas with cheese and other embellishments thrown on top but it was an extremely generous portion.

Second stop: ASADO

Decided at this point to move to cocktails because the wine at Asado is ridiculously overpriced by the glass. Had a Cachaca Sidecar paired with Chorizo Asado which was spicy chorizo grilled with onions and peppers and a chimichurri sauce on top. Very nice except for the cinnamon on the rim of the sidecar. Wasn't feeling it.

Third Stop: CROWN BAR

Dino makes super delicious cocktails out of fresh herbs and veggies. I had the gimlet with celery juice. Don't knock it til you tried it! It had amazing flavor and zing and kept you thirsty and wanting to drink more. I had two of them. Trevor had a fresh carrot something. He can't remember what was in it except the carrot juice, but it was tasty as well. We each had a grilled romaine/spicy ceasar salad. I've really been getting into the grilled salads lately.

Fourth Stop: RED HOT

Did not plan to stop here, but person sitting next to us at the Crown highly recommended it. And when we looked in and saw the pinball machine, we were goners. Spent way too much money on Pirates of the Caribbean pinball, begged a fellow customer for a quarter and then bought him and his friend a beer for being nice. I can't drink beer anymore. It gives me a crazy headache that wine and hard alcohol do not.

It was a good thing we walked.

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