Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Big Commitment

See those books? I just checked those out from the library. We have been on a waiting list for a Cardigan Corgi puppy for months now and were told we would have to wait until December for a puppy because the ones ready now had already been spoken for. Then, out of the blue, I get an email that one puppy is left. The reason he is left is that he isn't "show quality" and is too fluffy. So he's ours if we want him. I haven't made the breeder any promises because the thought of even more fur in this house is not making me shake with excitement but I am planning on going up there this weekend to meet him.

And yes, that below is a photo of the fluffy fellow. They call him Bastion currently, but I like the name Oliver. Or Oskar. Or Archie.
Months ago, Trevor and I reached a compromise in our marriage. He could have a piano. I could have a puppy. Turns out finding a piano is a lot easier than finding the right puppy.

And a puppy is what we need since we have 3 cats. Puppies can be good with older cats since the cats can train the puppy to leave them alone. I don't want the cats to be annoyed for the rest of their lives just because I want a dog. Also, I am sick of being around poorly trained dogs. I want to train my dog from the get go and not have to correct bed behaviors picked up along the way.
However, in complete honesty, we were a little relieved when we were first told we couldn't get a puppy this litter because our cat, Mr. Moneypenny (the black and white one), was recently diagnosed with acute renal disease aka kidney failure.
We thought he was a goner for sure and shed many tears, but then we came into acquaintance with this bag of fluid, the Lactated Ringer's solution. We started giving him the injections of fluids to help flush out his kidneys and then suddenly after 5 days of treatment he started eating again and now 11 days later his tests are showing a remarkable recovery. But now we still have to inject him with fluids every day, probably for the rest of his life. (Have you ever poked a needle in your cat and made him sit still? Twice a day, every day? Trust me, this isn't easy.)
Are we ready for the responsibility of a puppy and the responsibility of a cat living with renal failure? It's a tough decision. I am still going to go meet the puppy and if I fall in love, who knows what will happen.


  1. Those titles -- "How to Raise a Perfect Dog" and "The Perfect Puppy" -- They add a bit of pressure don't they? ... BTW I have Ceasar Millan's book "Ceasar's Way" It's my Dog Bible.

  2. Just substitute in "How to Raise a Perfect Child" and you see how silly the names are. But I actually think the 2 books I checked out that are specifically for kids to read are giving me the simplest, most upfront info!