Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My New Favorite "Green" Thing

Reusable grocery bags have been gaining traction for a while now with all types of shoppers.  A couple of years ago I saw reusable produce bags and I thought "what a neat idea!" but I didn't buy them because I thought I would be able to find them anywhere.  But then I didn't see the again and forgot about them.  I dutifully cleaned out my plastic produce bags and reused and/or recycled them but new I wanted something else.  

I didn't even think to check Google for them.  Silly me!  There are hundreds of them out there. 

But luckily I found these at Fred Meyers.  3 bags for $1.99.  And you can toss them in the wash when they get gunky.  Very handy, so I had to buy three more.  
Now I feel very smug when I do my grocery shopping.


  1. I have some too! The first time I used them the cashier insisted on weighing the bags before weighing the veggies like they would add $$$.

  2. That's funny! They probably weigh about the same as the plastic ones!