Thursday, December 29, 2011

Progammable Equals Happy

One of the most important rituals my husband and I have in the morning is to lay in bed and drink coffee while listening to the radio and catching up on news and cuddle with our cats (who are locked out of the bedroom at night and in desperate need of attention in the am).  

The only strife in this situation is that one of us has to get up in the cold house and run into the kitchen and turn the coffee pot on and then run back to bed.  Then the other person has to go get the coffee once it has brewed.   

Now we only require one trip because I just bought this fabulous new coffee pot with a programmable timer!   I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century, Jennevieve.   Our other coffee pot was a little 4 cup Cuisinart that was either on or it was off.  No programming, no clock, nothing.  Also, it was too small and dribbled all over the place when you poured the coffee.  When guests were over you had to make like 3 or 4 pots to make everyone coffee.  We loved it and used it for about 8 years but it was time to move on.  New house, new coffee pot. 

And really, who knew how many coffee pot options were out there?  I kept almost buying a new coffee pot when they were on sale at Fred Meyers but didn't want to end up with a lemon.  I actually ended up doing a lot of research to find one that had good marks on timer, ease of pouring, plus good looks for the counter top. 

This is the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 cup programmable although we normally only make 6-8 cups at a time.  It makes me so happy.  Now I just need to find a good coffee grinder-- but that is another story for another time!

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