Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Week That Time Forgot

This is the week that time forgot in our household.  We are both sick.  Trevor came down with it first and I was relieved I seemed to scrape by without catching it and then Bam! -it hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday and seems to be in no hurry to leave.  And this week Trevor took off from work so we could have a little staycation before the holidays. 

Sheesh.  Forget that.  I had a little movie marathon yesterday (two Star Wars movies and Roxanne with Steve Martin) and tried to do some drawing but it wasn't a very productive day.  The holiday cards have been pouring in and I haven't even begun to make ours.  But at least they are New Years cards so they won't be too late if I can get organized. 

I drank about 2 gallons of soup in the last 2 days along with a gallon or so of Lemon Ginger  Echinacea  juice.  I don't really believe in the powers of echinacea to cure colds.  But I like how it tastes and fluids are good for you when you are sick.  I cut the sweetness with a little water and then bring it to a boil and then pour it over a slice of lemon studded with cloves.  Very tasty and relaxing. 

You might be wondering about that horse in the photo.  It's my latest prop.  It will probably show up often in the background of my photos.  I love it.  It was a centerpiece at a wedding we went to in October (the one I made all the metal birdies for) and when the bride found out I coveted it, she promptly gave it to me.  Sweet, lovely woman!

Now I must rouse myself and get to the store to buy more soup and try not to cough on anybody!

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