Friday, December 23, 2011

Simple Pocket Napkin Fold

 I love to dress up my place settings with cloth napkins.  I only have 6 napkin rings so when I host a larger party I stick to my old standby, the napkin pocket to dress things up a bit.

Start by ironing your napkins.  I know this sounds like a pain, but it is worth it.  And if you look close you can see I didn't even iron mine that thoroughly; you just don't want any giant wrinkles. 

Fold up about one fifth of the napkin.  It can be a little more or less but mine has a nice dotted line I want to be visible.  

Fold up again, this time so the fold ends up about halfway up the napkin.  

Carefully flip the napkin over.

Now fold one third over, keeping the folded bit nice and straight.  

Fold the final third over.  

Now flip the whole napkin over again and you will have a nice pocket to fit your silverware in.  I like to keep the knife pointing inward so people don't accidentally cut themselves.  
If I don't have place card settings, I will usually set this right in the middle of the plate.  But for tonight's dinner I do have place cards and will show you in the next post!

Happy napkin folding!

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