Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life is Not Fair

This post was supposed to be all about Almond Cake.

However, last night when I was making the cake, I received an email letting me know that the wife of a much adored former co-worker of mine was killed by a drunk driver on Sunday morning. A vibrant, beautiful, athletic 44 year old struck down by a drunk 24 year old who walked away with minor injuries.

Life is unfair. I've been thinking about it all morning and that is really the only conclusion I can come to. I don't believe in god, I don't think it was "her time", and it doesn't really make me feel much better to know it was "instantaneous". It shouldn't have happened at all.

But it has also made me think about how special and unique it is to have the time that we have. I frequently forget that and waste too much time whining about other people or worrying about frivolous things. I will eat that Almond Cake and I will savor it and I will appreciate every second I have to create art and be with my husband and friends and family and leave it at that.

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