Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake

Every month our wine group gets together for a little tasting. Half the time we go to restaurants and wine bars and the other half of the time we go to someone's house and have a potluck. This time was a potluck and a blind Syrah tasting at my friend Liz's house. (I suck at blind tasting.)

I was planning on making lemon bars and no-bake cookies to take along with my broccoli casserole but then I was browsing around on The Pioneer Woman's blog and she posted a cake recipe called Devil Dogs which was a variation on her Chocolate Sheet Cake. I wasn't interested in the Devil Dogs so much; the original Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Pecan Frosting, however, looked perfect for impressing a large crowd.

Sorry this picture isn't great. I took it with my phone. (I am not sure where my camera was or why it was not in my hot little hands at this point.) Now maybe why it tasted so good was because there was almost a whole pound of butter in the recipe, but that is up to you to decide!

Here's what the sheet looked like the next morning. I cut it into 50 pieces before I took it to the party. I ended up with only 2 at the end of the night. Hey, that's some good cake!
Funnily enough, this recipe is also in her cookbook but it never interested me before her blog post about it. This was a great recipe for a big crowd. Easy instructions and I like that you put the frosting on while the cake is still hot. The cake was super moist and I liked the pecan crunch in the frosting. I'll definitely make this again for a large gathering.

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