Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prototypes for a Mosaic

I am working on an interesting mosaic project for a school up in Seattle and am having fun making ceramic tiles to put into the mosaic. I've never made tiles specific for this big of a mosaic before, so this is fun and different for me.
These are just prototypes that won't actually go in the mosaic.
Students will be helping me to glaze some of the tiles, so I wanted to create a loose, organic feel of what it might look like if people of all different ages and artistic skill levels are glazing the tiles.
They will be mixed in with regular porcelain tiles to create a large wall mosaic of a Pacific Northwest landscape. As you can probably tell, most of these are tree leaves. (Or at least I hope you can tell.)
The mosaic won't be going up until August, but I have to think way ahead as it takes a long time to make your own ceramic tiles.
Seattle ceramic artist Barbara Dunshee is helping me in the creation and firing of the tiles. She teaches quarterly ceramics classes out of her studio. She also took all these photos for me this morning before they were delivered so I haven't actually seen these in person yet.

Once we get out of the design phase and move into the creation phase, I will have lots more photos and techniques to share!

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