Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos From My Day

Today has been and interesting day. I found this bird skull when I was working in the garden. Look how teeny tiny it is! It's amazing that I didn't crush it before I realized what it was.

Here is our old oil furnace. And ducts. We are getting a new heat pump and brand new ducts. Nice. Only I just found out this weekend that we need to replace a large part of our back roof too. When it rains it pours, I guess.

The nicest thing so far about my day was this delicious noodle dish I made for lunch. Stir fried veggies over rice noodles with a soy/sherry/fish sauce dressing. That was delicious. I did get a good amount of work done in the studio today too because the guys were in the crawl space right under my office banging things around and I couldn't think straight so I escaped out to the studio.

Soon we're off to Rosewood Cafe for dinner. Barry, the owner, has generously offered us some wine for my fundraiser next week and I thought we might as well stop to have dinner when we pick the wine up!

We won't have heat tonight because the rest of the heat pump has to be installed tomorrow. At least I brought in the little space heater from my studio and it seems fairly mild outside right now. Ah well, it's good to feel like you are roughing it once in a while!


  1. Euuuuuw, for bird skulls!
    Yay, for new furnace!
    Boo, for roof replacements!
    Yum, for delicious lunches!

  2. I wish there was a like button on comments!