Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do It Yourself: Veggie Markers

I have been so ready to plant in my new garden beds. I stand out on the deck and look longingly at the pine boxes, imagining them full of leafy greens and onions and tomatoes. But it has been an unusually cool spring, or so the weather pundits say. Finally, the sun is coming out and the soil is getting warm and I decided I needed to plant the onion starts and kale and swiss chard seeds asap.
Now we have friends that have a giant garden and plan everything out way back in January and grow everything from seed in a greenhouse. I am not that motivated. Most of the items I like to plant, like the tomatoes, and onions, and shallots, I buy as starts. It is not warm enough to plant tomatoes, but the onions are good to go. I actually bought them a few weeks ago and put them in the potting shed and now I am worried I will lose a good deal of them since they are looking a little scruffy. But better to get them in the ground and see what happens than let them all rot.
I didn't need fancy plant markers, just simple ones to remember where I planted the rows. I started a new trick this year of laying perlite right over my furrow of seeds so that I will know exactly where to water them. I have an alphabet punch set that I rarely use. I wish the lettering was a tad larger, but you can read them a lot easier in person than in the photograph, so they will do the job! They are a little rustic looking, but I think I will make some more and see if my designs evolve!

Now I am going to run to the farmers' market and get some of their veggies and maybe some more starts.


  1. We have tomato and other starts. What do you want?? Cherry, roma, full size? We are going to donate the leftovers next weekend.

  2. WOW! Love cherries and roma, please! thank you!